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The Original Black Sheep

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The Mighty Boosh is weird crazy funny love

The Mighty
Boosh is insane love.

made by tigerlily_icons

made by tigerlily_icons


This Lisa

  • Would do anything for her friends.

  • Is not easy to define

  • Has met the Boosh guys!

  • Obsesses over Lost

  • Is scared of spiders and injections

  • Gets a shivery feeling from 'Ziggy Stardust'

  • Think British comedy rocks

  • Likes to go crazy to Zombie Nation

  • Wakes up to Radio 2

  • Is a vegetarian

  • Is now addicted to Top Gear

  • Needs to wear knee-socks

  • Cried at The Lion King

  • Never gets tired of Shaun of the Dead

  • Knows which way to say 'TopShop'

  • Shamelessly stole this idea from tears_scar_too

  • Has a sucky immune system

  • Seems to attract bees and wasps- but has never been stung.

  • Has an undying love for Noel Fielding and Russell Brand

  • Often has Mighty Boosh or Rocky Horror songs in her head.

  • Likes to sing her shopping list.

  • Is obsessed and always distracted by glitter.

  • Needs caffeine to live

  • Cried at Futurama


10th doctor who, 10th kingdom, a, alan davis, alyson hannigan, are you being served?, beatles, ben folds, bill bailey, billy joel, black books, black frost, bob fossil, bollo, bright colours, british comedy, buffy, cock sparer, cockney rejects, coffee, comedy, computers, daleks, david bowie, david tennant, desmond, desmond david hume, doctor who, douglas adams, dropkick murphys, dylan moran, family guy, fanfic, fanfiction, femmeslash, firefly, fratellis, freaks, friends, futurama, gary numan, geeks, heroes, heroes slash, hitchhiker's guide, howard moon, hugs, indie, interview with a vampire, it crowd, jimmy carr, johnny depp, joss whedon, julian barratt, king of the mods, league of gentlemen, literature, llamas, lord of the rings, lost, lost slash, lush, manga, mark gatiss, matt berry, mighty boosh, mike fielding, mod wolves, mods, mohinder, monkey hell, monty python, music, musicals, my chemical romance, naboo, nathan barley, nerds, never mind the buzzcocks, new york dolls, nightwish, nirvana, noel fielding, oceanic 815, of mice and men, office space, papa lazarou, paranormal, peep show, penguins, peta, peter kay, pingu, pirates of the caribbean, punk, qi, red dwarf, reece shearsmith, robots in disguise, rocky horror picture show, ross noble, royston vasey, russell brand, russell t davis, sawyer, sci-fi, scissor sisters, serenity, sex pistols, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, simpsons, slash, slash fanficion, slash fanfiction, south park, spaced, star wars, stephen fry, steve pemberton, stiff little fingers, sylar, terry pratchett, the mighty boosh, the smoking room, the troika, vampires, vegetarianism, video games, vince noir, writing, young ones